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Let's Chat...

Feel free to set up a 45 minute call with me to discuss your goals and/or challenges. I'll help you create a *unique* and strategic step-by-step plan toward a fulfilling life.

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What to Expect


  • Finding clarity on what success means to *you*
  • Focusing on intention and honesty

  • Turning obstacles into advantages

  • Understanding your fears
  • An exploration of worst-case scenarios

  • One-on-one active listening, planning, & execution



Developing the fundamentals of your character will prepare you for *and* attract opportunities. It’s about being honest with yourself, having good intentions, and facing fears. I'm a fan of thinking strategically and Stoicism (Marcus Aurelius, Seneca, Ryan Holiday, Tim Ferriss).

Career Transitions

I worked in corporate for over 5 years and completed business school at night before I decided to venture off and create a new life for myself. It has been a great journey.

How I can help you:
- Decision making
- Clarity on values & priorities
- Career path brainstorming
- Networking strategies
- Finding new opportunities


I think a big part of happiness is making sure we are taking care of ourselves. I trained in Muay Thai kickboxing for about 7 years and much of that physical drive has stayed with me. If you have any physical goals I can help you talk through them and come up with a plan that you can adopt. It's about turning these activities into a lifestyle.


  2014 travels. Gotta love photo geo tagging.

2014 travels. Gotta love photo geo tagging.

I like to move around. Since August of 2013, I’ve been to Austin, Vegas, New York twice, California thrice, Peru, Chile, Uruguay, Argentina, Mexico, Colombia, Indonesia, and Thailand.

It can be terrifying to take risks, but it only takes one second to be brave.

It's your choice. Be bold.